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At Riverpark Dental, we believe that with increased knowledge means increased confidence, and we follow that philosophy with our team members and of course, our patients! We know root canals can seem intimidating, but with more knowledge of the procedure and what we will do, we hope your confidence in Riverpark Dental to do a great job will be at its highest. With knowledge of the root canal treatment, we can help you overcome any hesitation or fear by eliminating any pre-existing myths about root canals.

Myth 1: Having a Root Canal is Painful.

The purpose of having a root canal treatment is to eliminate pain, not cause it! A patient in need of a root canal treatment has their tooth’s internal tissue and nerve infected by bacteria. During a root canal treatment, the infected tissue is removed, the internal canals are sanitized, and the canal and tooth is filled with a composite restorative material. We always administer a local anaesthetic to numb the tissue so that the patient feels no pain during their root canal treatment. We also offer Nitrous Oxide gas, which further helps to alleviate any anxiety you may feel before you step into the treatment room. The myth that root canal treatments are painful likely stems from dentistry long ago before any anaesthetic option was available to patients. A root canal treatment in today’s age is no more uncomfortable than having a filling done.

Myth 2: Having a Root Canal Treatment is Not Beneficial.

Many patients think that having a tooth extraction instead of a root canal treatment is a way to save more money and time. What patients unfortunately do not realize is that though the initial costs may be lower, having a tooth extraction is actually more expensive long-term. Of course, sometimes extractions are necessary, and they are always followed up with a dental bridge or implant. This adds up to more costs and time in the dental chair than would have been spent with a root canal procedure. At Riverpark Dental, we are able to do a root canal treatment in as little as one appointment. It is generally recommended to do anything possible to keep as many teeth as you can because your natural teeth will always be stronger and more functional than even the strongest of prosthetics.

Myth 3: I Can Get an Illness From Root Canal Treatment.

Ironically, root canal treatment involves removing infected tissue that can cause illness in your mouth, gums, and other parts of the body. In addition, many studies support that there is no link between illness and endodontic treatment. Moreover, the clearance and sanitization of the tooth’s root canals, along with strong composite restorations all work together to prevent tooth, gum, and jaw problems.


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