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Sinus Lift / Sinus Augmentation

A sinus lift is a surgical treatment to the maxillary region of the mouth, whereby the amount of bone above your molars and premolars is increased to provide a strong foundation for an implant.

When teeth are missing in the upper back jaw bone, the body will continuously reabsorb the existing bone back into the body and if this is not addressed the gum pocket will continue to deepen. Patients who are missing teeth or are experiencing significant loss of their jaw bone will likely be recommended a sinus lift.

Another implication that involves a sinus lift is when a patient’s sinus is located too close to their upper jaw bone’s base, and thus will require additional bone to separate the two.

How is it done?

  1. First, the gum tissue in the upper back jaw region is cleaved so that the underlying bone is exposed.
  2. Second, the dentist creates a tiny opening in the bone which exposes the sinus tissue- the tissue is then detached from the bone and lifted upwards. This upward push of the tissue creates the room for the bone grafting substance to be inserted.
  3. The bone grafting material is inserted into the opening.
  4. The gum tissue is then brought back and sutured to its original position.
  5. Next, we will invite you back to Riverpark Dental 7-10 days later so we can have a look at the sutured area’s.
  6. The stitches will be removed at this second visit if they have not been absorbed.
  7. Now that there is adequate bone available to do the dental implant, we will need to wait for a period of approximately four to nine months to pass for the new bone to mature and form from the bone grafting material.


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