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Riverpark Dental was built and has been maintained with transparency being one of the fundamental pillars of our patient care philosophy. There will be plenty of surprises in life, but they won’t be at Riverpark Dental. We will ensure that you deeply understand the procedure, implications, fees, and risks involved before we enter the treatment room.

Complimentary Consultation

It is important that you are being seen by a dentist you are completely comfortable with and in an office you can call home. We offer you the opportunity to see if Riverpark Dental is the place for you with a no-cost consultation where you can have a coffee, look around our office, and meet the dentist that you’re interested in. This is the best time for you to learn about the different routes of treatment you have and ask as many questions you can think of. We have two ways to commence your treatment plan as a patient: we can start with a Comprehensive Oral Exam which is a complete examination of the mouth and the teeth’s supporting structures. The latter option is a Specific/Emergency Exam, which is where we only look at a specific area of the mouth and is best suited when you want immediate pain relief.


We are sometimes told that our fees are lower than other dental offices, but we follow the Ontario Dental Association fee guide for the current year- similarly to what any other practice would follow. Of course, even though all the offices follow the same fee-guide, Riverpark Dental wants to find the best way to keep your costs down. Our team of dentists and patient care specialist will work closely with you in full awareness of your goals and financial situation, and will prioritize finding a unique and creative way of getting to the finish line faster with less money spent. We always prioritize what needs to be done urgently, and post-pone what can wait so that you have the opportunity to plan your finances. We always supply you a printed proposal of the recommended treatment routes so you can take the time to think about it or seek out a second opinion. Our motto brings us back to why we do what we do- to help people and we live and practice that by approaching every patient’s care as if it were our own close family member’s or best friend’s care. If we wouldn’t recommend that treatment option to them, we won’t to you.

Tax-Deductible Dentistry

The Canadian Revenue Agency gives permission to self-employed contractors to deduct taxes on their dental finances in a cost-efficient way. Riverpark Dental and its associated practices were the first and still to this day are the only Ontario dental practices to work with Trusted Advisor so that our patients can take advantage of this. If you’ve never heard of this and want to learn more, come in for a complimentary consultation and we will break down how you can save on your taxes.

Riverpark Dental Will Help You Finance Your Treatment

No matter what, our team at Riverpark Dental will offer ways for your to finance your treatment option. We will never leave you hanging and we will never give up on helping you.

Good Oral Health and No Dental Benefits?

Dental benefits run on a calendar (Jan 1- Dec 31) or a policy (random times at your disposal) year and are gone when they are not used. You don’t get a credit for what you don’t use when your year is up. If you don’t have dental benefits, we will offer you a unique preventative care plan that is much cheaper than dental benefits and will help you prevent problems that bring up a need for dental benefits. Taking good care of your teeth and mouth and regularly attending your dental hygiene appointments is the best dental coverage because you’ll always have peace of mind and no high costs.

The Extras

The sprinkles on the cake such as chair massages, paraffin wax, movies, hot towels, coffee, entertainment for kids and patient education are all benefits that Riverpark Dental offers at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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