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What is it?

Flap or Osseus surgery, is a procedure to lift gums from the teeth so the dentist can access the bone underneath, namely the teeth and their roots. This treatment is commonly done on those who have gum disease that has destroyed gum tissue and bone from bacteria being caught underneath. Treatments such as scaling and root planing might not be sufficient to clean the area and stop gum disease from continuing.

How is it done?

Incisions are made in your gums to make a "flap" to lift, uncover and clean the bone supporting your teeth. Disease-causing bacteria and any damaged areas of bone are removed. The area is cleaned and remaining healthy bone is reshaped and the "flap" is re-stitched into place. This highly successful surgery promotes the natural healing of bone and gums.

Flap Surgery Central London

Are there any risks?

As with any oral surgery, infection is always a risk. There is also the increased risk that your gums will eventually recede further. This may cause tooth sensitivity especially when close to the roots. Ensuring you brush and floss your teeth regularly helps to prevent further damage by cavities and gum disease.

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