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Some people place hygiene in the context of ‘just a cleaning’, much the same way as mowing the lawn or mundane things around the house: it is great when it happens, but nothing catastrophic will occur if you don’t.

Of course, this perspective is like looking at an iceberg that appears to be moderately sized above the water, meanwhile 85% if it is unseen. Missing your regular dental hygiene appointments may not bring immediate pain or discomfort, but things are still happening insidiously without your awareness of it. When appointments are missed, bad things happen. The amount of plaque on your teeth begins to build-up everywhere and especially in hard to reach places such as grooves and depressions in your molars and in the tiny ridges on your teeth’s buccal surfaces. Plaque is a housing centre for bacteria, and when bacteria begin to build-up on plaque, they start digesting left-over simple sugars in your mouth and produce what we want to avoid- the dentin and enamel eating acids that damage your teeth. A Registered Dental Hygienist is a licensed and regulated healthcare professional that ensures your teeth are maintained and in good shape through removing plaque, applying polishing and fluoride if desired.

At every dental hygiene appointment we will scan for oral cancer and do an assessment of your mouth. We do this to catch disease early so that we can avoid the complex procedures that are necessary when the disease advances. Of course, having your teeth cleaned and having fresh breath is an experience full of pleasure.

Our team at Riverpark Dental can help and guide you in your daily dental hygiene routines and help uncover any concerns you may have. We check your gums and teeth for signs of inflammation or decay.

Bad breath is likely caused by ineffective brushing or flossing at home, and we can help you improve these things by getting to the root of the problem. Depending on when your last dental cleaning was or how effective your home dental care, we may need to do more or less during your appointment at Riverpark Dental.

We can clean your dentures or other appliances by using our ultrasonic system or a disinfecting solution.

If you came for your dental cleaning less than 3 months ago and feel you are need of another one, it may be worthwhile for us to have a closer look to see if something is going on. We need to know if you have ever had any previous diagnosis of periodontal disease as well.

Our team at Riverpark Dental it is important to deeply understand what may be causing disruptions in your dental hygiene.


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