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What is Gum Reshaping / Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty?

Gum reshaping is a procedure to reconstruct your gum structure around the areas where your teeth should normally be exposed. Gingivoplasty (surgical reconstruction of gum tissue) treatment makes your gum line and tooth exposure look more natural. Gingivoplasty can be supplementary with a gum grafting treatment, which is adding gum tissue to an area where too much of the tooth is exposed.

When is it needed / risks of not getting it done?

The gingivoplasty procedure is needed for patients whose gums have grown abnormally. When a patient has unusual gum growth, false-gum pockets can form and can pose a risk for plaque and bacteria build-up, leading to a whole avenue of possible problems.

If a patient is in need of a gingivectomy and does not proceed with the treatment, gingivitis (the inflammation and infection of gum tissue caused by bacterial plaque) can arise and eventually lead to periodontal disease (characterized by the infection and loss of the jaw bone and the teeth’s supporting structures). The end result of untreated periodontal disease loss of the teeth.

How is it done?

First, we want you to feel comfortable during the gingivectomy, so we will apply a local anaesthetic to your gum line so you don’t feel any pain. Next, the dentist will gently remove the abnormal gum tissue from the gum line, but leave enough so that the tooth’s root is protected.

It is normal and expected to feel pain and soreness around the gums following the treatment. This is only minor and can be easily alleviated with the use of painkillers.


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