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What is it

We have designed a dental hygiene program targeted at seniors specifically. As we age, oral health becomes a larger area of focus, and our dentists and hygienists at Riverpark Dental are the experts in that focus. Maintaining good dental care habits throughout your lifetime and during your senior years will ensure your teeth remain in good standing.

As we age, many factors can impact our oral health such as medications, restrictions on physical independence, financial limitations, previous or current tooth loss/extraction, and limitations on personal home care.

Dry mouth and common concerns

As we age, we may need medications that we’ve never taken before, ones that can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth is more than an uncomfortable feeling. People who experience dry mouth have food particles left behind in their mouth’s for much longer than people without dry mouth. This gives opportunity for an increase in plaque build-up that can house bacteria, leading to increases in cavities, root canals, and gum disease.

Cavities in teeth are more common when we get older, especially in the root of the tooth. Bacteria from cavities can spread to other tissues and cause infection, inflammation, and other damage to overall health.

People with dry mouth who have dentures commonly experience difficulty in fit and comfort with the appliances.

Receiving treatment from a dental hygienist is important even if you have lost teeth or had them removed. If oral hygiene is ignored, problems still arise because food particles and bacteria can still find housing inside the mouth.

Dental Hygiene Education for Seniors

To launch the program, we will talk about challenges you face regarding your oral health, and help establish a routine for you at home so you can keep your teeth intact as long as possible.

Dental health is unique in its present state and its development to each and every patient. Thus, your assessment, education, and advice for awareness will be as unique as you are. Riverpark Dental makes it a non-negotiable to ensure you as an individual are having your dental hygiene needs not only met, but exceeded.

Unique to you!

During the program, we will do an intake of your medical, dental, and personal information so we have a background of your overall health, and we will constantly review and assess to ensure we are not missing anything. We intake everything from health conditions and medications you are taking to current age, diet restrictions, or lifestyle habits that may be interfering with your oral health and our approach to your treatment. Our hygienists will need to be informed of any physical independence restrictions you have or aide you may be receiving with your home care.

We will discuss any present or possible formation of periodontal disease, gingivitis, teeth grinding or clenching, receding gums, teeth staining, and the current condition of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Proper protective techniques for your home care regimen will be provided by your dental hygienist, this includes proper use of fluoride and rinses for dry mouth and bacteria. Even if you have no teeth, it cannot be stressed enough how important brushing twice a day is, along with proper denture and gum care. Massaging your gums and coming back for your continuing care visits are great ways to positively influence your oral health.

We will discuss any correlation between pre-existing medical conditions and periodontal disease, in supplementary with techniques and tools you can use to brush and floss most effectively.

We’re ready to help!


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