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At Riverpark Dental, we believe that a great dental experience for your child involves more than just the procedures. It is exceedingly important to us that your child feels safe, secure and most notably happy when they come to visit us because this is a prerequisite for developing sustainable, long-term dental habits. Our team members at Riverpark Dental are aware of our role in building your child’s trust in us to the same level as their trust in their parents/guardians so that they are smiling when they leave the office.

At Riverpark Dental, we consider your child’s unique personality and develop a custom-made treatment approach that will best suit him/her. We encourage and empower the child to develop their dental independence by reviewing and strengthening their brushing and flossing practices, and encourage the parents to partner and guide their children in their dental journey. Our goal is consistently have positive visits so that your child feels happy and safe when they visit us. If we consistently monitor your child’s dental health, we can pick out problems early before they turn complicated. In addition, it is equally important that repeated positive experiences occur so that if the time comes to do a complicated procedure, you child will feel safe and secure, and put their valued trust in us.

We are always happy to provide complimentary consultations because your child’s wellbeing is as important to us as it is to you. We can discuss any topic you would like, including what a procedure will entail, or how a child’s growth phases and bone density will affect their dental treatment.

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