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What is it?

A bridge is a dental restoration whereby an imitation tooth/teeth (the pontic) sits attached to two crowns (the abutments).

Bridges feel and function identically to real teeth.

The adjacent crowns to the pontic provide security and stability for the entire bridge.

The bridge will be customized to match your natural tooth color and can be made either with porcelain or ceramic material.

When are bridges needed, and what are the risks of not having it done?

Bridges are a viable option for patients missing a tooth/teeth that is/are surrounded by two existing teeth.

If a bridge is not done, then the gap’s adjacent teeth will slowly shift inward to the gap and can bring about facial misalignment, chewing problems, loss of bone, increased susceptibility to gingivitis/periodontal disease, and temporomandibular joint (the joint in front of your ear connecting the temporal bone and the mandible) disorders.

Bridges provide a straight and complete look to your teeth and ensure that your teeth will not shift by allowing all the forces that impact your teeth to be properly dispersed.

How is it done?

  • First, we take digital impressions of your teeth using our iTero digital imaging software and then shave down the enamel on the adjacent teeth to prepare them for the abutment crowns
  • Next, the impressions are sent to a dental laboratory for the bridge to be manufactured.
  • While your bridge is being made, we place temporary crowns on the abutment teeth.
  • Next, once the dental lab delivers the porcelain or ceramic bridge, we insert it over the prepared teeth.

Like any other dental modality, the bridge can last a lifetime if it receives proper maintenance such as brushing, flossing, and eating hard foods in moderation. Keeping up with your regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments will allow Riverpark Dental to help you get an entire lifetime out of your bridge.


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