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Many patients are taken back when they hear of a dental exam, because when they seek out dental care they just want to jump right into the treatment room. Common questions we get at Riverpark Dental are why should I have one, what’s going to happen, what’s the cost and how long does it take. Of course, many assessments are different between each clinic and dentist. Here is a breakdown of what we do at Riverpark Dental.

Preliminary Complimentary Consultation

We can’t proceed with your treatment unless you trust us because we’re handling some of the most precious parts of your body. We encourage you to take as much time as you need to feel comfortable and confident with us.

This is the chance for you to talk with the dentists and our team and also for us to learn and prepare our investment in you as our patient. There is no fee for the consultation and you can ask as many questions as you would like to.

Reserve your time for a complimentary consultation

Comprehensive Oral Examination (COE)

The COE is the New Patient Exam and it give us the chance to gather as much information as possible regarding your oral health. This involves assessing tissues and diagnosing so we can establish the best treatment plan for you.

We will explain to you all of your treatment options and address any of your concerns.

The COE’s purpose is to provide us with an excellent and fully complete profile of your oral health so we can strongly approach your treatment plan. The exam includes a panoramic x-ray, an inner mouth and oral cancer examination by the dentist, and a probing of the gums by the hygienist.

Emergency Examination

Emergencies happen and our main goal is to get you out of pain, and to take care of infection if this is the cause of the problem. A caring and professional team is here for you, if and when, you ever require emergency treatment. The moment you enter our office you will be greeted by a Patient Care Specialist whom will be your point-of-contact throughout your visit, and will help to ensure you feel as relaxed as possible. The dentist will examine you to address your emergency concern. Whether it’s a cosmetic issue or you’re suffering in pain, the dentist will diagnose your specific problem and provide you with the treatment options to address it.

The dentist will focus solely on the emergency concern; however, if you prefer a more thorough investigation, the dentist can perform a comprehensive oral examination (see above) to verify there are no additional or underlying concerns and survey the entire scope of your overall dental health. When the dentist has completed the emergency examination, you will be provided with treatment options, any possible risks, and an outline of fees. You will then be able to choose a solution that works the best for you. The dentist may also provide you with a prescription in order to alleviate the pain and discomfort, if you require more time to make a decision or arrangements for the treatment you need.

After the emergency exam, patients typically choose to stay at Riverpark Dental for all of their dental needs. If you opt to receive emergency treatment only, we will send information on the treatment to the dentist of your choice.

Specific Examination

If you have an area or tooth that is painful in your mouth, it is best if we do a specific examination. This exam is shorter and only targets the subjected area.

Cosmetic Examination

Your self-confidence and happiness in life is directly linked to your beautiful smile. Riverpark Dental is here to assess your smile and give you options to improve it. We can analyze your smile with our Digital Smile Designer, which assesses the proportions of your face and smile.

We will do a quick exam and show you all of our smile enhancement cases. We will go over your goals and which option will be best for you based on fees and how much time you would like to dedicate.

Orthodontic Examination

Our first step in your orthodontic treatment is simply listening to you and what you are concerned about. There are a number of ways we can take care of crowded, spaced, and rotated teeth.

Once we know what your concerns are, we will take intra and extra-oral photos of your teeth along with x-rays. We will use our iTero Digital Scanning system to make 3D images of your mouth.

Once we do an assessment and analysis we can then create the treatment plan that includes the precise shifting of your teeth and how much time it will take. We want you to make a decision once we have shown you all the different orthodontic care options, their individualistic fees, and their associated risks.

Continuing Care Examination (Recall Exam)

Everyone knows about this exam, it is frequently referred to as the dental “checkup”. We do these for patients who regularly attend our office and usually coordinate them with a dental cleaning. Your current oral health will determine how regularly we need to invite you back for the checkups. For patients who show no problematic concerns, 9-12 months is a reasonable interval. For patients who have endured a difficult treatment process or demonstrate signs of possible issues, we may need to conduct 3-6 month intervals. The checkup is like a miniature COE, where we will do a full mouth exam, take new x-rays if needed and inner mouth pictures. To end the exam, we will develop a new treatment plan to move forward with.

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