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What are Veneers?

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure that cover your permanent teeth with thin shells made of porcelain or composite material. They help enhance your smile by covering misalignments and gaps. In terms of pricing, veneers are a less expensive treatment option compared to crowns, but take more time and money when compared with bonding. We can make your treatment decision easier with a complementary consultation with one of our dentists.

When are veneers needed and what are risks for not having them done?

Veneers are an affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure for the patient who wants to enhance the appearance of their misaligned or gapped front teeth.

How is the Veneers Procedure Done?

  1. The first step in this cosmetic dentistry procedure is for the dentist to take a portion of the tooth’s enamel off so that there is room for the veneer.
  2. Once the tooth has been prepared for the veneer, our dentists at Riverpark Dental will take digital impressions using our state of the art iTero digital scanner. The impressions are sent electronically to a dental laboratory for manufacture.
  3. While manufacturing is underway, the dentist will apply short-term veneers to your teeth.
  4. Once we receive the real veneers from the dental laboratory, the dentist will take off the short-term ones and cement the real ones into place. Before you leave, the dentist will make sure you are completely satisfied with your veneers.
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