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Pain or Discomfort

No matter if the pain you are feeling is minor or excruciating, please do not hesitate to take action. Dental problems do not come up overnight but arise quicker than people realize, and it is always unfortunate to see major dental problems require major and complex procedures that could have been prevented if they were addressed earlier.

At an emergency exam, we will get you out of pain as quickly as possible and will proceed with the examination to diagnose the problem. At Riverpark Dental, we use x-rays with low amounts of radiation to see if there are problems below the gums and into the jaw. We will take intra-oral photos so we can see all the angles and surfaces of your teeth. We know this can be an anxiety provoking situation and we make it our priority explain everything we do and to not only help you, but ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Pain is the end result of a diverse range of possible causes. The pain you are feeling could be caused from grinding your teeth during sleep, previous mandibular/maxillary injury/ swelling, tooth or root decay, and even bite-alignment imperfections from dental appliances or orthodontics.

Gum recession can cause dental discomfort, and recession of gingival tissue is typically caused by brushing near the gums rigorously or from periodontal disease-the inflammation and loss of gingival tissue and teeth’s supporting structures.

Weakened tooth enamel can also cause teeth pain and sensitivity. It is important to stay disciplined in your routine dental hygiene at home and also attend professional dental cleanings so that your hygienist can remove bacteria-loving plaque. When plaque builds up on the teeth, it provides a comfortable environment for bacteria to feast on leftover food particles and produce enamel attacking acids. This is particularly difficult to handle in the deep depressions and grooves that run along the molars because those areas are tougher to reach when brushing.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

There is nothing more frustrating than a tooth chipping right before an important event. Luckily, Riverpark Dental has you covered, we offer a number of available solutions to give you an immediate fix- even if the treatment is only temporary. We take pride in giving our patients what they need for their specific situation.

Relax… we have a different philosophy

We take extreme pride in calling ourselves a dental spa- a place where you can do your necessary dental treatment but not feel like it is a chore. We know emergencies can come at the most inopportune times, so to help with the unexpected stress we offer to you paraffin wax treatments and relaxing hot towels to ensure you are as comfortable as you are at home.


Emergency exams are a diagnosis from the dentist’s expertise and thus are likely accompanied by a fee. We provide you a free prescription for anything we recommend and also propose all avenues of treatment that we can take.

Emergency Services:


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