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What is it

At Riverpark Dental, we know that good dental hygiene habits are hard to come by but are best started at a young age. We provide a dental hygiene program designed specifically for kids that targets your child’s individual dental needs with proper awareness and education. You and your child will be positively encouraged and educated on the techniques and resources needed for optimal oral health.

How is it done?

The program helps children feel prepared to take care of their dental hygiene with their own personalized techniques that are specific and appropriate to their mouth. We launch the program by doing an intake of your child’s personal, medical, and dental history, including any pre-existing health conditions, medications, diet restrictions, allergies, and anything else that may impact our dental care approach. At Riverpark Dental, we believe in a culture of empowerment that stretches from our Dentists and Patient Care Specialists to how we administer dental treatment, and in the Children’s Hygiene Program we strive to equip and encourage children with knowledge of how their eating, drinking, and home care habits will affect their dental health.

Did you know your child can brush their teeth twice a day and still not be brushing effectively enough to prevent against cavity causing bacteria? Our dental hygienists can have your child chew a plaque tablet to reveal areas of your child’s teeth that are growing with plaque and being missed while brushing. Plaque builds up and hardens on the teeth when you miss your dental hygiene appointments or do not brush and floss regularly. Bacteria grow on plaque and will use the simple sugars left over in your mouth after you eat to produce acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. This is why we put an emphasis on preventative care at Riverpark Dental.

We are ready to help with any issues that compromise tooth development such as using sealants for the cavity prone patient, night time teeth grinding and clenching, gingivitis, and plaque build-up. We will explain how cavities are formed and empower your child with protective habits to protect their teeth.

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