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Why Do Teeth Need To Be Extracted

A tooth is always removed to benefit the greater dental health. We might suggest an extraction for a tooth that’s been chipped, damaged or is decaying in any way that cannot be saved with a filling, crown, root canal, or any other alternative. In addition, sometimes teeth are removed when we are approaching orthodontic treatment, and think it would be necessary to remove one tooth for the proper alignment of the rest.

We administer a local anaesthetic to our patients who need a visible tooth extracted. No additional drugs are required.

Sometimes dental surgery is required when a tooth hasn’t erupted over the gum line, making the procedure more complicated than a regular tooth extraction. Regardless of the approach or procedure our goal is to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

What is it

The wisdom teeth erupt in your early or late 20’s and are the last to appear, they are your last set of molars.

Some people are fortunate enough that their wisdom teeth align correctly when they erupt, eliminating the need for removal. Most of the time, a patients wisdom teeth don’t align correctly and that is when the talk about removal begins.

It is important for us and you to be proactive in your child’s possible extractions. We want to do everything possible to avoid upcoming wisdom teeth interfering with your other teeth’s alignment. A fair warning to all patients is that this process can be very uncomfortable. Depending on your child’s particular bite, alignment, and position of teeth, the dentist may recommend all four wisdom teeth be extracted, only two, or none at all. We as a practice have the responsibility of your best dental health and will need to stay on top of your developing wisdom teeth by taking x-rays periodically.

Our dentists sometimes recommend wisdom teeth extractions at an earlier age, if they think it will eliminate further problems later on. If you or your child is worried about their wisdom teeth, please come in and talk to us, we are here to help. It’s not too late to have them extracted even when they have fully erupted.

How is it done

  • If the wisdom teeth are still underneath the gums we will have to surgically expose them by opening up the gum tissue.
  • If the teeth have erupted already or once we have exposed them ourselves, one of two things may result. Most desirably we hope the teeth will be easy to remove like any other tooth. However, sometimes the teeth are significantly anchored in the jawbone and require to be cut into fragments for extraction.
  • Once the wisdom teeth have been removed, the site of extraction will be stitched together with a dissolvable material and a temporary gauze will be placed.
  • We need to ensure that the sites of extraction are healing properly, so we will have you come back to Riverpark Dental for a 1-week follow up.


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