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Mission Statement

To provide the most enjoyable dental experience

Our patients always tell us that when they come to Riverpark Dental it doesn’t feel like they’re coming for a dental appointment based on the service we give and the environment we’ve built. Here are more reasons why our patients love coming to our practice:

Getting to know each other

The initial complementary consultation we offer will take as long as it has to take. However long you need to ask questions and build your trust and confidence in Riverpark Dental is okay with us.

Dental Assessment

Before we do any work, we need to do a diagnosis. The majority of our patients do a Comprehensive Oral Examination so that they can have their full mouth assessed. The latter option is a specific exam, which costs about the same and is only focused on one specific tooth/ area, but is much quicker than the COE.

Visual Treatment Plan

We will plan out your treatment approach for you that includes your goals and budget and how much time you want to dedicate towards it. All our treatment discussions are done in a private room on a big screen so you can see and understand what is open to you. You can bring in a family member and take home a printed version so you can talk it over with someone else.

Benefits, Fees, and Financing

Dentistry is an expensive field, part of how expensive it is to maintain a dental license and reinvest in education, legal, and regulatory requirements. A dental business is not like the pizza business either with low costs and high turnover. Regardless, we go the extra mile to make it affordable for anyone who steps foot into Riverpark Dental by:

Saving you on Specialist Fees

Riverpark Dental is unique in how our office works. Our dentists hold General Dentistry Licenses for the province of Ontario. They have completed specializations in their focused areas outside of Canada but cannot be legally called a specialist because they have not completed the requirements in this country. The benefit is that they are still permitted to perform specialist procedures under a general dentistry license, and can actually perform these procedures based on their experience and expertise overseas. Most of the time, a general dentist would have to refer out the procedures that we can take care of at Riverpark Dental.

Our dentists follow the general dentistry fee guide for Ontario, much lower than what a specialist will charge.

Dental Benefits Knowledge

We keep full record of your entire transaction history at Riverpark Dental so we can confirm how much you have left on your plan and determine how much will have to be paid out of pocket (if any). There will be no surprises at the office.

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