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I'm staying here
"I looked for a dentist for some time, but I like this one becaue she is fair and really wants to help me rather than take my $$$. She sat with me and helped me design a plan of treatments and prioritize so I get done what I need and what I can afford. Not too many dentists will take the time to sit with you and explain everything the way she does. - Diana"

2 dentists for the price of 1
"After visiting Nohora Martinez I no longer HATE dentists. I chose the practice because of the website - Very informative and with videos. Dr. Martinez and Claudia - my patient care specialist were GREAT! Friendly, very professional and knowledgeable about dentistry. Because Claudia was a dentist in her country she could also explain the things very well. It is like having two dentists for the price of one!! Dr Martinez was gentle (didnt feel a thing), quick!, and they call you the next day to check on you. Overall the girls were great it was the best dental experience I ever had! I will recommend Claudia and Nohora to everyone! - Lass"

A different type of visit
"My dentist was away and I was in pain. It was my fault because I have been putting off my visit to the dentist. I came by this new practice in Byron. Dr. Martinez was busy with another patient but seen me right away. I was terrified of the injection but I was told that they have this machine that allows them to change the temperature of the liquid so that injections hurt less. They were right. I DIDNT FEEL THE INJECTION!! Then Dr. Martinez fixed the tooth that was bothering me. AGAIN I DIDNT FEEL ANYTHING! Then she took me to the education room, showed me the pictures from the camera on the screen and helped me prioritize what I needed to do and when. She nor any of the staff made me feel bad about my teeth ...instead they offered to help. I was taken to the Tooth Brushing Room. This was the first time someone showed me how to brush and floss my teeth properly. They had me try it first and then gave me some tips on better techniques. While I was in my appointment my husband got a massage and Colombian coffee. - Laura"

A very knowledgeable dentist
"Finally a dentist who could answer my questions in a way that I could understand! She really knew her stuff and knew how to explain it. The videos were a great help too. For anyone looking for a dentist you can talk to I would suggest checking out Dr. Martinez. - Sergio"

Cool place!
"This is really a cool place. The parafin wax for my hands, the massage, hot towels and best of all got to watch my favorite soap opera! All this during my treatment. The girls really took good care of me and I didn´t even remember I came for extraction. By the way the extraction didn´t hurt either. Ladies, check out this place!! - Maria"

Hi Mandy
"You dental angel you! :o) Haven't been 'skirting' your messages out of fear. Although my tooth seems most problematic at night or more accurately, in the morning when I'm first waking up, it's feeling considerably better. Have been telling everyone who'll listen about my experience with you last week and still can't get over the sense of genuine concern that was exhibited by yourself and others who I came in contact with while in that office. Unbelievable 'customer service', personal yet professional, a rare experience (make that, an unheard of experience) that alleviates any sense of fear or humiliation typical for those who have failed to look after their teeth. You, Dr. Abloushi and from what I could see in the others, all set a standard that goes above and beyond anything I've ever experienced or heard of and again, I can't thank you enough for everything you did. On that note, while I can't say as I'm looking forward to having another tooth extracted, I realize the work needs to be done and I will be in touch as soon as I return from vacation. Again, many, MANY thanks. Cheers! - Wendy"

2 for 1 special
"I havent been to the dentist in awhile (a few years). Before I really HATED the dentist (had a few bad experiences). After visiting Riverpark I no longer HATE it. I first found the practice through their website - very professionally done and I could book my appointment online without even having to call in. Dr. Martinez and my patient care specialist Claudia were GREAT! Friendly, very professional and knowledgeable. Because Claudia was a dentist in her country she could also explain the things very well. It was like having two dentists for the price of one!! Dr Martinez was gentle (didnt feel a thing), quick!, and they call you the next day to check on you. Overall the girls were great it was the best dental experience I ever had! I will recommend them to everyone ! – Lass"

Dr. Ma was excellent
"Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and goes out of their way to accommodate you. Very beautiful and professional setting. The furniture and dental chairs are new and well kept up. Dr. Ma is the best dentist I've seen and will continue to see her for my dental needs. Her positive attitude made me feel comfortable and welcomed."

Honest dentist - yes they exist....
"I needed some work done right away. Nohora took x-rays and pictures and showed me on the screen. After spending over 20 min going through everything in detail she actually told me that what I thought was urgent really wasn't. She told me I could wait three more months until my benefits kick in (I just started a new job). A friend of mine came from his dentist who said he HAD to get a crown. Then Dr. Martinez suggested a different treatment to him that saved him lots of money. Finally a dentist who is not after my money! Check out the website at www.riverparkdental.ca. – David"

I actually enjoyed my dental visit
"I really do not like going to the dentist, but this visit was something different. I have never hear or seen a dental practice like this. I got greeted at the door by a nice staff member and given the tour of the practice. It looked more like an executive launch than a dental office. I even got a nice massage prior to my treatment. Dr. Martinez showed me the videos, explained all the treatments to me and the costs. She listened to my concerns and NEVER I felt rushed. She helped me prioritize which things I needed to do now and later. The whole team pinched in and found out all the information about my dental benefits to find out what was covered. My knowledge of dentistry is limited, but the way they explained it to me, I felt I was in total control over what was being done. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone who is afraid or has not been to a dentist for a while. - Mary"

A human dentist
"Finally a dentist I can talk to. Nohora (Dr. Martinez) sat with me, showed me things about my teeth I didnt know before. She asked me to brush my teeth and then showed me how to improve my technique.I had questions about the prices and the staff really knew their stuff. They gave me the prices and called my insurance to find out what was covered. I had to wait a little until they fixed their banking machine, but beside that everything was great. I am coming back! - Claire"

"I tend to be a scared patient but the dentist I had there was very careful and considerate. I hate going to the dentist but this office is clean, upscale, has the latest technology, and most importantly, is full of caring and well-mannered people. Felt no pain. - Steve"

Thank You
"Great dentures My teeth look natural. I recommend River Park Dental for dentures."

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