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Our mission that we continuously strive for is to provide the most enjoyable dental experience. Our patients regularly comment on how they like to come to Riverpark Dental because it doesn’t feel like a dental appointment, and on the excellent service they receive. We can diffuse fear and anxiety in even the most fearful patients.

The following pillars are the foundation of everything we do at our Dental Office in London:

  1. Patient Care – To make everyone feel relaxed, comfortable, and enjoy their time at the office.
  2. Transparency – There are no surprises here, you will have full knowledge of your options, fees, and complications.
  3. Great Dentistry – Our London Dental Office is a unique mix of general dentists that are foreign trained specialists in their area of focus, providing a place where you can have almost any procedure done. Our investment in the most advanced technology helps us to provide the best dentistry around London, Ontario.

We adhere to your lingual needs by offering service in English, Russian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Hindi, Belarusian, Hebrew, and Swahili.

Why choose our Dental Office in London?

✓ Tooth Replacement Options
✓ Orthodontics: Traditional Braces or Invisalign?
✓ Cosmetic Dentistry including Veneers and Teeth Whitening
✓ Emergency Dental Services

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Riverpark Dental - Venture London Finalist 2011


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