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Our patients comment how Riverpark Dental doesn’t look or feel like a typical dentist office and on the personal service they receive. Here are a few more reasons why patients love Riverpark Dental:

Getting to know each other

This is followed by a no-cost consultation with the dentist. Some are brief, while others take longer. This is a long-term relationship so the right fit is a necessity. It is also an opportunity for patients to ask questions about any dental concerns, goals, technology and treatment options.

Dental Assessment

Before any work can be done, the dentist will perform an examination. Most patients have a Comprehensive Oral Examination done, which is a full assessment of all areas. However, there are situations where you have a specific need or are short on time; in which case a more concise exam is performed focusing specifically on the area of your need or concern.

Visual Treatment Plan

The amount of options could be overwhelming. When you are lying in a dental chair, that is not a time and place for these discussions. We prepare a customized plan based on your goals, needs and budget. Our treatments are discussed in a spacious private room where you can see the treatment options on the screen. You’re welcome to bring a family member with you. You will also be provided with a printout copy in case you would like to take it to seek a second opinion. We believe in transparency.

Benefits, Fees and Financing

Dentistry is not cheap. Part of the reasons are the high costs that dentists incur to keep their license, stay up to date with educational, regulatory on legal requirements, as well as the costs of running a business. We do our best to make it affordable for our patients. Here is how:

Saving you on Specialist Fees

Our dentists, are general dentists in the province of Ontario. They typically have also specialized in a specific area outside of Canada. This includes endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery and pediatric dentistry. Because they have not obtained their specialization in Canada, they cannot be called “Specialists”. However, as general dentists, they are allowed to perform these procedures, and because of their training and many years of experience they perform procedures that general dentists would tend to refer out.

These dentists charge fees of general dentists which are significantly lower than what a specialist would charge. We set our fees according to the general dentist fees recommended by the Ontario Dental Association, as most dental practices in West London.

Dental Benefits Knowledge

Our patients like to pay at the time of service as it allows them to earn points with their credit cards. In any case we will track your benefit allowances so there are no surprises. We do all the work, electronically submitting to your benefit company for you and confirming allowances prior to treatment to ensure coverage without surprises.

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