Root Canals

Root canal means removing the nerve from the inside of your tooth. Root canal therapy treats teeth that are severely decayed, infected, or broken. Root canal therapy can maintain your teeth life saving them from extraction. The dentist will access the pulp chamber inside the tooth and will reveal the root canals contained in the roots of the tooth. The infected nerve is removed and the canals are shaped using special files to smooth the walls and ensure no pulp tissue or infection is left. The canals are then filled with a special material that seals off the root canals.

Who will perform the Procedure?

At Riverpark we have Dr. Kabak who can perform root canal treatments. During your examination we will be able to determine your particular situation. Some root canals are simpler by nature and can be done well by a general dentist, whereas others should be done by specialist.   Click here to see the benefits of having root canals treated by a specialist.  Dr. Kabak has specialized in Endodontics for four year. He is licensed as a general dentist in Ontario, permitting him to perform procedures in all areas of dentistry including Endodontics and Root Canal treatments. 

For our patients and referring dentists we've set up a site called London Root Canals where you can learn more about our endodontist and our root canal treatments.