Wisdom teeth are often extracted either before or after they come in. They commonly come in during the late teens or early 20s. These teeth often get stuck in the jaw (impacted) and do not come in. They need to be removed if they are decayed or cause pain. Some wisdom teeth are blocked by other teeth or may not have enough room to come in completely. This can irritate the gum, causing pain and swelling. In this case, the tooth must be removed. 


A wisdom tooth removal is referred to as a surgical extraction because it involves teeth that are partially or completely below the gumline.  Many general dentists will refer this procedure to an oral surgeon.  At Riverpark Dental there are two dentists who perform wisdom tooth extractions:  Dr. Nohora Martinez and Dr. Carlos Lopez.  Dr. Carlos Lopez is a foreign-trained oral surgeon who is licensed as a general dentist in Ontario.  For a complete bio about our dentists click here