Inside Riverpark Dental you will find London Dentures. The patients choose us for their denture needs for 4 reasons: Complete Service in one Place, Quality, Comfort & Convenience, Affordability. For more information visit our Denture site at

  1. Complete Service in One Place
  2. Quality
    • Leading-edge technology
    • Customized dentures and other restorations to give you the most natural appearance
    • Consultations with the patient and family members to advise in try-in stage
    • Ongoing long-term service and support
    • Onsite lab
  3. Comfort
    • Flexible schedule
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • STA (anaesthetic without a needle to the gum) - ideal for patients afraid of freezing
    • Digital panoramic x-rays - ideal for gagging reflex
    • Fewer appointments needed
    • Adjustments and repairs done the same day
    • Spa-like atmosphere - massage, hot towels, paraffin wax
  4. Affordable
    • Transparency in fees (know your costs before starting the treatment)
    • Various treatment options depending on your budget
    • Payment plans & no-interest financing
    For more information visit our Denture site at