Restorations & Fillings

Restoration of Worn Out Teeth

Tooth wear is often related to excessive forces applied to your teeth, i.e. grinding or gritting. Other factors may include excessive acids in either drinks or food. In addition, as we age teeth tend to get more worn and chipped. Clenching is often related to uneven contacts of the teeth, causing muscle strain and increased pressure on your teeth.

Worn teeth create that ‘chin close to nose’ look associated with the very elderly. Also cheek tissue folds over, cracks may appear in the corners of the lips and the face falls in, all leading to a prematurely old appearance. Tooth nerves can be exposed and die and gums can become inflamed or break down. Dr. Martinez will use a number of techniques including bonding and crowns to bring your teeth back to how they were during their glory days.

White Fillings

Your dentist will place composite resin fillings that are carefully selected to match your teeth.  Modern dentistry has allowed us to combine beauty as well as strength when filling teeth.

That way the restorations are close to their original strength and appearance with composite resins and other modern materials.  Your comfort is always our main priority.

For patients who would like to replace amalgam fillings with white ones we offer this service as well.  Visit our Holistic Dentistry site to learn more about the sophisticated process of removing amalgam fillings.  Dr. Lee has the education and experience in the removal of amalgam fillings.     

composite filling.jpg