Implant Restoration

What is Implant Restoration?

Dental Implants is a process consisting of two stages:

  • 1. Implant Placement
  • 2. Implant Restoration
  • Placement of dental implants

    Dental Implant Placement Placement of dental implants is a complex procedure and many general dentists prefer to refer it to a specialist called an Oral Surgeon or a Prosthodontist. These specialists place implants. The advantage of specialist is that they typically have more training and experience in dental implants. The disadvantage of specialists such as oral surgeons or prosthodontists is that their fees are much higher.
    Fortunately at Riverpark Dental we have Dr. Carlos Lopez who is a dental surgeon who places implants at fees of general dentists. He is very trained and experienced in the areas of oral surgery and implants. To learn more about implant placement visit Dr. Lopez's page at

    Implant Restoration

    Implant RestorationDental implant restorations refer to crowns, bridges and dentures which are either cemented, screwed or snapped onto dental implants. An impression of the implant is taken using Itero, allowing the dental laboratory to fabricate the implant restoration. If you had your dental implants placed somewhere else and just need the crown, bridge or another type of prosthetic installed, we have 4 dentists who can perform that procedure: Dr. Lopez, Dr. Lee, Dr. Ma and Dr. Martinez.