Comprehensive Oral Examination

What is a Comprehensive Oral Examination?

Comprehensive Oral Examination also referred to as a 'Complete Exam' or 'New Patient Exam' should not be confused with a complimentary consultation.  Comprehensive Oral Examination is a process that happens both in the treatment room and consultation room.  The Comprehensive Oral Examination is not the same for every person.  It depends on you, your goals, needs and beliefs.  The exam will also differ between genders and ages. Depending on your particular situation and interests one dentist will be a more ideal fit than another.  For example if you practice a holistic approach to life Dr. Lee would be a natural choice.  If you are looking for Invisalign or to straighten your teeth Dr. Martinez would be the ideal choice.  

Your Comprehensive Oral Exam typically includes the following:

  • Digital x-rays (often includes panoramic x-rays as well)
  • Pictures of all your teeth done with an intra-oral camera
  • Checking teeth for cavities, existing restorations, existing prosthetic replacements, decay, gums and dental abcesses
  • Teeth mobility, sensitivity, recession of the teet
  • Occlusion (bite), excessive teeth wear
  • Oral hygiene
  • Oral cancer screening
  • How existing teeth relate to each other and whether or not the missing teeth need replacement
  • Esthetics - the cosmetic appearance of your teeth

The diagnosis is painless and the images are instantaneous. It allows identification of all active factors that are capable of causing or contributing to the deterioration of oral health.Teeth

Treatment Planning

Our Treatment Education Centre is designated specifically for that purpose. Once we understand your unique situation we will work with you to determine an action plan that fits your goals and constraints. Through videos, computer animations and other hands-on tools you will understand exactly what is being done and feel confident to co-design your dental treatment. We are never tired of your questions. If finances are of a concern, we also offer a number of financial solutions.

Enjoyable Dental Treatment

Our promise is that we will not do anything without your consent. You are always in control of what is being done to you. Many patients use the dental appointment as an opportunity to catch up on their sleep. We have a number of ways to make your trip to the dentist a pleasurable and relaxing experience.  We also have technology such as the anaesthetic warmer or the single toot anaesthetic to make the dental treatment as painless as possible.  Come in for a tour and you'll see.


As part of the enjoyable experience we offer entertainment.  We have a list of movies, songs and radio stations.  You can also bring your movies and songs if you prefer.