Dental Emergencies


At Riverpark Dental (located at 305 Boler Road in London, Ontario) we understand the needs of emergency patients.  We welcome emergencies during regular hours, on weekends and after hours and ensure that these patients are taken out of pain as quickly as possible.  This could involve a broken tooth as a result of an accident, biting on something hard or a cavity.

If you are someone who has not visited a dentist for a long time, have dental anxiety, or are uncomfortable about how your teeth look and feel, Riverpark Dental is the right place for you.  We understand there are many reasons why someone has stayed away from the dentist.  We provide a very discrete and non-judgemental environment to all our patients. 

Our relaxing environment, hot towels and massages will put you at ease even the more anxious patients. Newest technologies such as nitrous oxide, single-tooth anesthetic or anesthetic warmer will entirely or almost entirely eliminate the pain of injection.  We turn emergency visits into a pleasant dental experience.  We offer services in English, Spanish, Polish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Note: We are not a 24-hour dental emergency service and there might be days and times when none of the dentists are available.  When you have a dental emergency still give us a call and we will see you as quickly as we can.  

Riverpark Dental
305 Boler Road.  London, (Byron) Ontario N6K 2K1
Phone: (226) 457-0777
Dental Emergencies (after hours): (519) 614-7911  

Email: (allow 1 day for response)



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Emergency Patients

If you are in pain outside the office hours, you may reach the dentist on her cell at 519-614-7911. If any of the dentists are available they will take you out of pain as quickly as possible.

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